Monday, July 2, 2012

Dipped Shorts

I've been on a constant search for months for cute, affordable not-so-kiddy shorts for my 1 yr old. I was able to find a thing or two from the childrens section in H&M but for the most part it was a huge fail. Then a little light bulb went off and here we are. I took a pair of my 2 year old sons old jeans that didnt fit him anymore and made it into shorts for my daughter. This is a simple DIY that im sure many have done before and can be done for anyone not just a child. ENJOY!

Dipped Bleach Shorts 

Old Jeans
Glass container

Step 1:
Lay those suckers out

Step 2:
Cut off the legs. Remember to add length so that you can fold them when you are done

 Step 3:
Fill your containter with bleach, enough to cover how far you want the bleach to go(remember it will bleed a little). DIP DIP DIP (hold for a count of about 30 sec)

Step 4: Lay them out to dry

Step 5: Wash. Fold. Put 'em on.

My little princess modeling them for you 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year New LaVoz

Hey guys, I know I started off the new year with just a simple DIY but I wanted to introduce you guys to my new layout. Unfortunatly I have not had enough time in my schedule to go out and do all the street style shots that I originally had planned for the page, but like they say when one door shuts another one opens. Well let the door fling. Are you ready for it? I'm so excited! I'll be doing small features on people all over New York with awesome style as well as my DIYs ofcourse and more to come in the near future!

This weeks how-to:
Leather Faux Bow-Tie
10"x4.5" piece of fabric
4"x1" Strip of fabric
Safety pin/Ribbon
Step 1:
Gather your materials and apply glue along a short edge of your fabric.
Step 2:
Fold over the opposite edge and press down so the glue will stick. Let dry.
Start folding accordian style down the center. Make sure the top and bottom edges are facing you. Wrap your fabric strip around the folded center

Step 4:
To secure it add a dot of glue and press down.

Step 5:
Take your safety pin and slide it in between your fabric strip and bow. If you'd rather use a ribbon instead of the safety pin and tie it around your neck feel free. They both get the job done, you would just slide it in here

I was inspired by Levensky to make a studded leather bow tie. You dont need to put studs but it you do I suggest putting the studs on before you assemble the tie. Good luck, hope you enjoyed! Dont forget to send pictures of your DIY projects to

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bobby Necklace DIY

Happy New Year Everyone! I decided there is no better way to start off the new year than with a simple DIY for my lovely friend Alycia. I did two different versions. The First is with a camping rope that I found in the hardware store in my neighborhood, the second is with a leather jewelry cord from a local craft shop. Enjoy!

Bobby pins

Step 1
Take one end of your string and tie a loose knot

Step 2
Slide all your bobby pins through the other end

Step 3
Pull one end through the loose knot and make another knot around the other side.

Step 4
Tighten both knots and pull at the two sides until the knots come together . Separate the knots and adjust to ur desired length

Step 5
Look good
Rope Version
Leather Cord Version
Note: To get a different look you can also spray paint the pins. I'll post some pictures of spray painted ones on a later date.

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