Monday, July 2, 2012

Dipped Shorts

I've been on a constant search for months for cute, affordable not-so-kiddy shorts for my 1 yr old. I was able to find a thing or two from the childrens section in H&M but for the most part it was a huge fail. Then a little light bulb went off and here we are. I took a pair of my 2 year old sons old jeans that didnt fit him anymore and made it into shorts for my daughter. This is a simple DIY that im sure many have done before and can be done for anyone not just a child. ENJOY!

Dipped Bleach Shorts 

Old Jeans
Glass container

Step 1:
Lay those suckers out

Step 2:
Cut off the legs. Remember to add length so that you can fold them when you are done

 Step 3:
Fill your containter with bleach, enough to cover how far you want the bleach to go(remember it will bleed a little). DIP DIP DIP (hold for a count of about 30 sec)

Step 4: Lay them out to dry

Step 5: Wash. Fold. Put 'em on.

My little princess modeling them for you 


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