Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Downtown Style

So since I, like many others in NYC, am a frugalistic style freak I decided to create a blog catering to the penny-wise and stylish of New York. I couldn't find any blogs or website that incorporated NYC's amazing style and simple How-Tos so here we are.

For my First blog I hit the streets of downtown Manhattan, the Soho area. The feel and style was laid back, rocked out and rather Eco-friendly. Top trends were motorcycle jackets, knee high boots/booties, recyclable shopping totes and of course SCARVES!
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Tabitha's Rock Eclectic Style
  • Play around with layors
  • Accesorize
  • Always have 1 item that pops

This weeks how-to: Drape Vest

Fabric( very light Jersey material would probably work best)
1 pushpin

a pencil
tape measure

Step 1: Cut your fabric into a rectangle, about 30x40 should be good for a regular sized vest
Step 2: Fold your fabric in half, short end to short end. Fold fabric again, short side to short side Step 3: Take your tape measure and your pin. Stick the pin in the tape measure @ around 7 inches, then hold the pin in place on the corner(the corner with both folder edges), take your pencil and draw a quarter circle.

Step4: Make sure your fabric is extremely flat and cut out your quarter circle. When opened up half way it should look like half a circle and when completely open should look like a full circle.

Step 5: Throw that bad boy on, put a belt on it....go crazy.

Now i didnt follow most of my own rules. I was never very good with rules, lol so decided to make my version super long and probably made with the worst material to use for this project, but hey it floats my boat.

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