Sunday, March 3, 2013

DIY Leather Clutch

Recently while I was going through the March issue of Vogue magazine I noticed this cute leather Celine Clutch and I was inspired to make this simple DIY for you guys.

DIY Leather Clutch

Cereal Box
Bobby Pins

Step 1
Trace cereal box twice

Step 2
Draw two tabs on the bottom rectangle about an inch. I didn't measure them I just eyeballed it. They dont need to be perfect they wont be showing. Now draw a flap on top ( I decided to eliminate it in my final clutch but if you want yours to serve as a flap then make sure its an inch or two wider than mine)

Step 3
Draw tabs on your top flap

Step 4
Cut it out

Step 5
Cut out the front and back. Glue fabric to one side of cardboard. Glue cardboard to bottom part of the clutch

Step 6
Glue flaps for top and bottom, hold it down with bobby pins until the glue settles

Step 7
Glue Side tabs by placing the glue at the edge of the inside lining. Fold in the tabs and fold bottom of clutch over. Make sure everything is aligned and lay something heavy on it for about 20 minutes or so. I set my Vogue on it. With all those ads it was heavy enough.

Step 8
Slide the other piece of cardboard inside. Now you can tuck in your top flap or not its up to you.

Enjoy Errrrbody!

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