Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Keys To Surviving: Maternity Style 101

If your anything like me you don't want to sacrifice your style just because your pregnant, but you also don't want to spend the amount of money that they charge for decent looking maternity clothes. Since this is my 3rd go around Im no stranger to the whole maternity wardrobe battle.
I seriously don't want to walk around looking like I'm about to do yoga all day or like Im a big fat present with a bow over my belly, now I'm just venting...

1st Trimester

This one is fairly easy since you don't grow too much during the first trimester. Of course we as women notice when any of our jean begin to feel a little tighter and it seems like a huge deal but for the most part we can still wear our normal clothes. Towards the end though to give your pants a little bit more life take a rubber band or hair tie, loop it around your button hole and secure it on your button.  It should look like this 
Photo via Pinterest

2nd Trimester

One of the things I highly enjoyed doing once my body started to battle my wardrobe was invading my boyfriends closet. His Shirts became my dresses, lucky for me he has a decent sense of style and his wardrobe only consists of black and white. It's also good for covering up if you're showing just a little and don't want anyone to know, or if your stuck in that "i just look fat not pregnant" stage.
In my boyfriends Shirt

3rd Trimester

Now this can go for mid-late 2nd trimester too and it is really the only Maternity clothing item i suggest buying. Maternity pants. You're definitely going to need them. I still hate spending much money on them because honestly you'll only be wearing them a few months. I usually go on ebay and look for something thats cheap and suits my style. For everything else just stick to stretchy and breathable materials

Maternity jeans $11 on ebay

Hope this helps! I'd love to hear feed back and see photos!

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