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Super excited for my first home decor post. I've been doing about a million projects at a time in my apartment so I figured it is about time to share them with you lovlies on the blog. I am a super slacker when it comes to updating but I hope you guys enjoy and love it as much as I do anyway.

Cement Brick TV Stand

2 pieces of wood
4 cement bricks
wood stain
protective coating

Step 1: Stain Wood. Let Dry

Step 2: Add protective coating

Step 3: Assemble Brick and lay the wood on top

Floating Branch Clothes Display

Tree branch
flathead screwdriver
Sand paper/Sander
Hookeye Screws
Fishing wire

Step 1: Cut, Chip and Sand. Cut off all the smaller branches and the ends accordingly. Use the flathead screw driver to chip off the bark of the branch. Sand it.

Step 2: Fill a small container with water and add paint until you reach the consistancy you want. I just added a little bit to mine to so it can act as a stain. Let it dry.

Step 3: Attach your hook eye screws into your ceiling. It's best if you use a drill first before attempting to stick the screws in your walls.

Step 4: Loop and tie some fishing wire and make sure its the same length. I hate measuring so I just eyeballed it

Step 5: Hang it up and send me a picture of your kick ass clothes display

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