Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DIY TeePee

Hey guys!
So I was looking to revamp my sons room, I really wanted to get him a tee pee but they cost a pretty penny that I don't have. So I did a little research and this is what I came up with, I'll link some of the original tutorials that I looked at through the tutorial. Its the lazy DIYer tutorial

DIY Teepee

What you'll need:
4 Sticks 2x1x6ft
Tshirt (cut in strips)
Staple Gun or Needle and thread

Step 1- Gather your sticks
This is pretty self explanatory, I got mine pre-cut from Lowes about $1 each stick
Step 2- Secure with elastic
This part of the tutorial I saw over on A CUP OF JO and the type of elastic she used it better suited for this project but I couldn't find it and didn't have the patience to keep looking. I used some sort of flat bun jee elastic, tied it, then cut the ends.
Step 3- Separate to desired size
Push the bottom of the sticks out to create the structure of the tee pee. I made mine to fit in the corner of my sons room.
Step 4- Cover and secure
Take a white tshirt and cut off the bottom seem, then cut 2 strips and wrap them under and over the wood pieces and elastic, make sure to cover the elastic.
Step 5- Cover with Fabric
This will probably be the hardest part depending on how you choose to secure the fabric
Drape the fabric over the wood(btw I used a drop cloth), Start securing it from the back first
Staple Gun: which was my method since I am lazy and impatient, start stapling from the top and make you way down for a total of about 4 staple per piece of wood
Thread: With a needle and thread secure the wood on top middle and bottom of the wood pieces

Note: When I was done with this I had some extra fabric hanging from the bottom of the tee pee so I cut off the excess cut a triangle and stapled it to the top of the tee pee opening, this is optional but I liked the look of it better

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