Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Good news! I'm going to start linking some products in the posts,mostly in the Materials list to help you get the things you need to make the projects. If I'm not able to find it online ill leave you a note at the bottom of the post. Hope you enjoy the new feature.

I actually had a lot of fun in Williamsburg this week, the energy and vibe in this hood was awesome. The counter-culture independent thinking translated into the clothes seen through out the streets. The Eco-friendly artisan style was extremely approachable. You've gotta love the new urban bohemian, the "hipster"!

This weeks how to: Chain Headpiece

jumpring gold/ silver
endcap gold/silver

Step1: Cut 2 pieces of chain. One to go on top of ur head from front to back, the other to hang on the sides. Cut to desired length using the flat nose pliers.

Step2: Take your center chain and put the end caps on and squeeze them with the flat part of the pliers to secure them.

Step3: Fold the other piece in half and connect the center point to one end cap using the jumprings.

Step4: Connect the 3 loose ends and the charm using a jumpring

Note: I bought my chain and charm at my local craft store. You can play around with different types of chains and pendents to make it your own.

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