Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I hit the streets of Harlem in the pouring rain for the love of style. While most use the rain as an excuse to slap on their sweats with a pair of boots some just cant help being awesome. There weren't really any recurring trends from what I saw besides an umbrella but the look was very urban and diverse.

Dakota & Devani from Icicle Dust, click on their pic to go to their site. I love their video

This weeks how-to: Spring Bag
Cardboard box
fabric glue
Clothes/bobby pins(optional)

Step1: Cut the flaps off of your cardboard box top

Step2: Place your box on your fabric, cut a piece to cover the bottom and one to cover all 4 sides of the box leaving an inch or 2 for the top. You should end up with 2 pieces.

Step3: Glue the bottom, cut off any excess. Now glue your big piece to the sides aligning it with the bottom.

Step4: Cut the fabric at the corner. Add glue to the top inside of the box and fold over. You can add clothes or bobby pins to make sure it stays put until the glue dries

Step 5: Make a puncture hole and pull your chain through

Step6: Decorate and go out rockin' your new spring bag sweet thang

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