Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fashion on Fashion Ave

Honestly the style that I came across on Fashion Avenue was refreshing. Every ones look was artsy and was more about self expression rather than the latest trends. People were creative and, TRUST ME, I did not see the same outfit twice. Rather than finding the hottest designer stores there were more supply stores, arts and crafts shops, and of course the buildings that hold all the "behind the scene"s for the fashion industry. They don't call it the Garment District for no reason.

This weeks How-to: 1 of a kind headband
Ribbon (Base measurements on your own head)

2 Hair ties
Fabric glue or Sewing Machine

Step 1: take your 2 hair ties and interlace them to form a nice knot.

Step2: Fold the end of the ribbon about half an inch. Sew or Glue in place.

Step 3: Place the end of the ponytail holder at the edge and fold another half inch.

Step4: If you are using glue, glue the second fold to the rest of the ribbon. If you are sewing, sew one from one edge to the next, back sew.

Step5: Repeat on other side.
Step 6: Do the damn thang.

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