Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5th Avenue

How can I begin to describe 5th Avenue. If you want to be in the fashion industry I guess it's one of the places that you want to be. The streets are lined with designer stores and gorgeous window displays. The look of the New Yorkers I could instantly spot among masses of tourists was minimal chic with designer accesories. Monogram Louis and Guccis definitely run 5th avenue. It's the place to be if your pockets are nicely lined for spending. Too bad mine aren't.

5'ths Snazziest

This weeks How-To: "Stud your life"
Flat back Studs
Multi Purpose adhesive
Pair of Tweezers
Something to stud

Step1: Make sure the surface of whatever you're studding is clean
Step2: Grab a little piece of paper and squeeze a little adhesive onto the paper

Step3: Using the back of your tweezers apply a small amount of adhesive to the back of a stud.
Step4: Place the stud on your item using the tweezers and repeat until you get lazy or think you're done.
Step 5: Viola, an easy update to an old boring pair of shoes. Sit back and think about how your life just became a little bit more awesome.

Notes: For the Adhesive I used Beacon's Gem-Tac permanent adheisive. Both the glue and studs were found at M & J trimming

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