Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I can sum up what I saw at Queens Center Mall in one word, disappointing. I honestly thought the area might have more character than it actually did. I walked the area several times and through the mass of boring cookie cutter "style". Queens I know you can do better, shame on you. After a couple of hours I was able to find some people who had a sense of personal style and things that stood out from crowd classic aviators, an awesome hot pink bedazzled down coat and leopard print manicures.

Queens of Queens

This weeks how to: Ribbon bling




Step 1: Take one end of the ribbon and bring it through the first opening of the chain. You can tie the ribbon if you'd like, I personally didnt.

Step 2: repeat step 1 all the way through

Step 3: Cut the Ribbon ends and tie, BAM new addition to your accesories collection

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  1. Hey! You ran into me in the Good Will in the heights, I really like your blog!
    And I agree with you 10290479047940% ! Fashion is important, haha. I love the "How to"s you have at the end of your posts!
    Love it!


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